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Julietta Appleton, MPA, CCE, New York
I think your Stretch Program is a must for anyone who works on a computer, and even if someone is in good health, these simple exercises (demonstrated by computer-generated images of culturally diverse individuals) would help prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries. Kudos for a great product!

Karen Freeman, MPH, San Diego
Stretch Break is ingeniously designed to coax me into good self-care and to guide me through stretches that I choose myself, yet it never interferes with my work. If I am busy, it simply "goes away." It is my career-saving prompt, gently reminding me what I need to be doing in order to heal. I am getting better, but I wish I'd had Stretch Break™ years ago so I could have prevented this problems from occurring."I love the options available to make it work exactly like I want it to. I can program in as many stretches as I want per session, as often as I want - 5 stretches every 20 minutes is perfect for me right now. I can call Stretch Break up from my taskbar whenever I need an extra break. I can 'fast-forward' or go back to those stretches I'm especially needing at the moment - depending on what's aching. And when I can't stop and have to delay Stretch Break til later, the prompt alone has reminded me to double-check my posture, my pace, and to 'unkink' myself. It is my consciousness raiser.

Harry Livermore, Valdosta, GA
I have been using Stretch Break for about three weeks now and the difference in my upper body health is astounding! I have my usual monthly appointment at my chiropractor this afternoon where I will have a deep muscle massage and an adjustment.

Susan Breton
I am extremely pleased with this new version of Stretch Break! I love the new stretches and really enjoy making my own sequences. Some days I let it run "as is"; some days I really have problems in one area such as my neck, and am able to focus stretches for that particular area. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, and these stretches have been extremely helpful in alleviating some of the pain that these conditions cause. The program also has reminded me that I can help myself with my own health care.

Kerry Goodier, Senior Engineer
It is much better than a timer because it keeps running in the background and doesn't need constant attention. Also, with the exercises displayed on the screen, I'm much more inclined to actually stretch, bend and move instead of just canceling the alarm because I'm involved in something. I'm really impressed with this professionally done utility program.

Toni Osborne, MIS Director
I have just about every repetitive stress injury imaginable, and often suffered from eye strain and headaches. I would often forget to get out of my chair for as long as 4 or 5 hours at a time while I was writing a program or testing one. When I heard about Stretch Break, I was a little doubtful that something that took so little time could help, but I tried it anyway. What a change! In just a few days I noticed I was not nearly as stiff and sore as before.

I like the flexibility of this software. I can change my preferences as often as I'd like. Sometimes I set it up for 45 minutes and stop to do four or five stretches. Other times I set it up for every 15 minutes, and only do 2 stretches. This keeps me from getting bored with the routine.

Mrs. S. Peterson
Your product should be mandantory for all Company's who have employees
that use a computer. Just as Headsets should be mandantory for all employees using a phone.

Marilynne Kredo
I really like the addition of music. At first I thought it wouldn't make a difference, but after having the music, I realize my body is more relaxed. I like the ability to choose the exercises, some I cannot do because of my thumb damage. I had gotten lazy and was skipping the exercises, but I found my body didn't feel as good, so I am back to faithfully do them again. Thanks for the great program.

Julia Bailey, PhD
I spend far too much time in front of a computer, and have arm/back/neck
problems. Stretch break is helping me a lot! I love your program.







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