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Feeling stiff and sore because of your computer use?

Stretch Break reminds you to stretch.
Then shows you how!

   NEW! - Version 6.6

New Comprehensive Healthy Computing Module **

Six new stretches **

Visible countdown timer

Windows 7 and 8 ready

Yoga-based stretches

Relaxing background music

"Bring it Home" licensing

    Features include:
         Allows on-the-hour and half-hour timer
         New Help files
         Easily customized
         Simplified installation

         21 ErgoReminders

         42 Stretches - 11 standing and 31 sitting
         User choice of reminder size and placement
         Smart Timer
         Music during stretches
         Control of sequence of stretches
         Customizable sound files
         Thumbnail sketch of each stretch

For Windows 95,98,NT,2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
(See below right for Mac version!)



Stretch Break Features
A team of health care professionals developed Stretch Break to increase circulation, relieve tension, boost your energy level, and help guard against Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs). 

Once installed on your hard drive, Stretch Break gently reminds you to take periodic breaks while using your computer. You are invited to perform a series of low-impact stretches illustrated on the screen. Then Stretch Break returns you to your current Windows application. 

Stretch Break is simple. With one mouse click, you begin stretching with the figure on the screen, or you can delay or cancel the stretches. 

Stretch Break is flexible. You select how long to wait between stretch sessions and how many stretches per session (defaults are 30 minutes and 3 stretches). Each stretch lasts for 20 to 30 seconds, so you are back to work in one or two minutes

Stretch Break Works
Surveyed Stretch Break users report reduced stress levels, greater awareness of the need to take breaks, greater awareness of ergonomic issues, and reduced stiffness and muscle ache. Check out Research Notes for more detailed info about these survey results.  

New Features

**Our latest version 6.6 is ready to be used by Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft. It includes Yoga-based stretches and relaxing background music. Users can now select any one of three progressively larger graphics to remind users that it is time to stretch.

Stretch Break allows users to extend the stretches. Users can control how long the animations pause at their "stretch point."

They may also select a less intrusive Time-to-Stretch reminder. This option reduces the size of the reminder and moves it from the center to the lower right corner of the screen. Another Option is to have a visible countdown timer.

Now includes 11 standing stretches and a Smart Timer Option that modifies the time between breaks based on keyboard and mouse activity. It also allows users total control over the sequence of the stretches that appear on the screen.

Contains New comprehensive Healthy Computing module with guidelines for setting up an ergonomically correct workstation as well as a series of hints on how to avoid injuries when using your computer. 21 ErgoReminders reinforce good ergonomic principles.

Make Stretch Break part of your work day and feel invigorated!

February 2013 - Press Release for Version 6.6

August 2011 - Portuguese version released.

Stretch Break for
Mac OS X
now available

Download full-featured 
10 day evaluation

Wheelchair version now available.

Download full-featured 
10 day evaluation




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