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Stretch Break Works

Research results are in!
Survey shows
Stretch Break Works !

Stretch Break users report
reduced stress levels
greater awareness of need to take breaks
greater awareness of ergonomic issues
reduced stiffness and muscle ache

Users rate effectiveness of Stretch Break™

Results from a survey of PC operators show that Stretch Break is effective in reducing stiffness and muscle ache associated with long hours at the keyboard. Users of Stretch Break have reduced their stress level and have become much more aware of the need to take frequent mini-breaks. The users have also become more aware of ergonomic issues. However, Stretch Break did not significantly enhance their productivity or how much they enjoyed using their PC.

The study was initiated in order to measure the impact of using the Stretch Break software program. Computer operators who had been using the program for an average of 11 weeks were asked to evaluate their experiences by completing a computer-assisted questionnaire. The survey included questions on their opinions about the impact of the program, how long and how often they used Stretch Break, as well as some demographic questions. The study is being replicated at other sites where Stretch Break is being used.

Data from the completed questionnaires have been received and tabulated. A summary of the results is presented below.

A final report on the study is available in hard copy from Para Technologies. The report Computer User Perception of the Effectiveness of Exercise Mini-Breaks is available for downloading in a Word for Windows file.

Summary of Survey Results

Impact questions Mean score*
I enjoy working at my PC more when Stretch Break is on. 20.9
I have become more productive since Stretch Break was installed. 21.1
Using Stretch Break has reduced the level of stress I feel when I am working on my PC. 27.6
Since I started using Stretch Break I am more aware of the need to take frequent breaks. 30.3
Since I started using Stretch Break I am more aware of other ergonomic issues such as the proper placement of the keyboard and monitor. 28.1
Using Stretch Break has reduced the stiffness and muscle ache I feel when I am working on my PC. 28.7

Scores based on a continuous scale ranging from 1 to 41:

Strongly Neutral Strongly
Disagree Agree

Characteristics of Users

Hours per day using PC

Mean = 6.6

Primary use of PC:
Data Entry





Median = 41 to 45 years









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