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2013 Press Release

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Healthy Computing with Stretch Break Ergonomic software - Version 6.6

Costa Mesa, California - A new release of Stretch Break, the award winning ergonomic software from Para Technologies, has a new component that teaches the principles of healthy computing. Users of the program will find a comprehensive knowledge base of detailed instructions on how to avoid computer based injuries.

This new holistic approach goes beyond the conventional instructions about workstation setup to focus on the importance of movement in preventing injuries.

By reminding computer users to stretch and then showing them how, this innovative program helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs). With attractive, lifelike animations, it illustrates stretches designed to relieve the stress that comes from working at the computer for long periods of time. Several research studies have proven that the software is an effective ergonomic intervention.

Arthur Saltzman Ph.D., President of Para Technologies and the publisher of Stretch Break, said, "Stretch Break is already being used as an integral part of Wellness and Ergonomics programs by organizations of all sizes, including Kaiser Permanente, Edison Electric, MIT, Bayer, NIH, Los Alamos National Laboratory, San Francisco Airport, Siemens, and many other corporations, government agencies, and universities."

Stretch Break allows users to select gentle or more insistent reminders when it is time to stretch. This new version 6.6 includes 42 animated stretches, a user-friendly interface and background musical selections. Both sitting and standing yoga-based stretches are included. The program has a Call Center option and includes a Smart Timer.

Stretch Break was designed by a team of health care professionals and is recommended by many ergonomists. Stretches focus on parts of the body most likely to be harmed by repetitive strain injuries including the neck, arms, back, legs, and wrists. Several stretches focus on avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome. Breathing and eye exercises are also included.

The program quickly pays for itself by reducing injury claims by PC users. Stretch Break is designed to gently ease the user into taking periodic stretches. The user is back to work in a minute or two. Research shows that frequent short breaks like this actually enhance productivity. Because the stretches are a constructive way of reminding users to exercise stiff muscles, people are more likely to take breaks. They find that the exercises are fun and are a welcome relief from work. With the recent addition of Healthy Computing Tips and ErgoReminders the program is an all-in-one ergonomic tool.

Stretch Break is network compatible. Windows and Mac versions are available. Single copies are $44.95. Stretch Break is available from the Internet at or may be ordered by phone (714 546-8619), fax (714-546-4607) or mail directly from Para Technologies, 3273 Indiana Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. A full-featured 10 day evaluation version of Stretch Break can be downloaded free of charge from

Licenses for multiple workstations are available at reduced rates.

A special edition of Stretch Break can be employed as a premium or an incentive. The program can be customized with logos or promotional messages.




"At intervals that you set, this...program ...will automatically pop up over your other applications, displaying stress-reducing stretches."

- Steve Bass, PC World

"I found the program relaxing and even invigorating....its friendly interface talked me into taking breaks and helped me feel better while working."

- Michael Goldstein, PC Laptop

"For employers who have staff members spending a lot of time at the keyboard, this product ...will show them that you care about their health."

- Julia McCullough, Sacra Blue

Named BEST in the Health/Fitness category - "The Best of the Internet Awards."

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